Diagnostics of Helicobacter pylori
made easy!

innovative test-system for
noninvasive diagnostics


reasons to diagnose Helicobacter pylori with HELIC® ABT Reader



and non-invasive


       results of testing after 11 minutes

       Accuracy approved

sensitivity — 95%

specificity — 97%


        result on a computer screen


        Automatic digital reading


Doctors about HELIC® ABT Reader

Natalia Parolova, practitioner endoscopist of Children's City Clinical Hospital

Russia, St. Petersburg

HELIC ABT Reader is easy to use. A clear sequence of steps in the testing eliminates the possibility of breaking testing techniques. Reading of the result greatly simplifies testing for the doctor, and the ability to show a cartoon during the survey is a nice and educational bonus for the child and his parents.

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Svetlana Gubernitskaya, deputy director for clinical work Arsmedica

Russia, Kaliningrad

Examination using HELIC ABT Reader is otimized for the convenience of the doctor and the patient. Deviations from the procedure is not possible, since the entire procedure is carried out in the program and is fully automated.

HELIC ABT Reader does not require additional maintenance and replacement of components, it is self-calybrated and does not require periodic inspections

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HELIC®ABT Reader is chosen by doctors from the CIS countries, Europe, South America, Asia and Africa

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Awards and Certificates

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Диплом Tunis Innov
Диплом конкурса Lepin
Диплом Леонардо да Винчи
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How it works: HELIC® ABT reader

Automatic testing device (HELIC® ABT READER) for automatic air sampling and reading the color of the indicator tube

Plastic tube sealed from both sides with an indicator composition of a certain length inside (indicator tube)

Disposable mouthpiece

The QR code printed on a card contains parameters and diagnostic criterea for every batch of HELIC ABT indicator tubes

Software for HELIC ABT Reader, installed on a PC*

It does not require periodical maintenance, because it doesn’t have a built-in sensitive element

Checked up by longstanding clinical practice and provides a high sensitivity (95%) and specificity (97%)

Makes the process of testing convenient for a patient. The mouthpiece prevents flooding of the tube by saliva.

Loads information for HELIC® ABT Reader adjustment and for following interpretation of the results.

Controls the operation of the system and builds examination procedure step-by-step, allows to maintain a database and prints the examination reports

*Computer is not included



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